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After all monetary transactions have been caputred efficiently, and you're just about ready to sit back and smoke that cigar, along comes year end.

This is where your accountant steps in, for not all is as it seems.

It's time for SARS to collect what SARS expects is due.

Accounting Services

Trial Balance & Year End Journals

A trial balance represents the totals of all income and expenses accrued for the year. Your accountant would need to analyse these totals and ensure that certain adjustments are made to fully represent the business' financial health.

Depreciation on assets, sale of assets, purchases of new assets, stock variances, prepayments, accrued income, and certain other allowances would have to be taken into account to determine a true net profit for the year.

Annual Financial Statements

A cumulative international reporting standard of all financial transactions must be prepared and presented for approval by the business owner.

Financial statements are a legal requirement for freelancers, contractors, sole proprietors and all businesses in South Africa and are presented to SARS for taxation.

Tax Preparation and Submission

The rate of income tax payable is dependent solely on your business structure. Both provisional tax and annual income tax are based on this structure. Our team of skilled tax professionals have the know-how to ensure that your tax liability is not inflated by any means.

SARS, being a rigid and inflexible institution, demands that transactional records are maintained and stored for up to 5 years. Taxation rules are stringent, and taxes are imposed on net profit, depending on what category your trade falls under, for example:-

- Sole Trader
- Micro Business
- Small Business
- Corporation

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