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Guardian incorporates exemplary proficiency with overall affordability, building collaborative and meaningful partnerships, where your business success becomes our own.

We provide fully comprehensive financial management solutions from sole traders to major industry players, no matter the size.

Our team of qualified accounting professionals have over 23 years experience in the field and are eager to offer sound guidance and advice to ensure you reach your business goals.



Bookkeeping Services

While focusing on your core business, the recording of daily financial transactions can easily become overwhelming.

Out of date or poorly prepared records can hinder the growth of your business, and adversely affect its financial health.

But how you may ask?


by keeping on top and ahead of who owes you money, who you owe, and identifying expenses that are bringing down your bottom line, so that important cash management decisions be made. To do this you would need to know exactly what comes in and what goes out of your business, when and for what.


by recording all financial transactions in accordance with proper financial standards, you not only gain insight on the financial health of your business, you are able to identify trends which will aid you in planning ahead.


by submitting an accurate representation of your business' financial status for the purposes of determining the correct rate of tax.

SARS, being a rigid and inflexible institution, demand that transactional records are maintained and stored for up to 5 years. Taxation rules are stringent, and taxes are imposed on net profit, depending on what category your trade falls under, for example:-

- Sole Trader
- Micro Business
- Small Business
- Corporation

SARS have the right within those 5 years to perform assessments on past income tax submissions (you've already long forgotten about), should the slightest variance occur.

Bookkeeping Services

We put the "I" back into your "lIfe"


  • capturing sales invoices
  • applying payments to those invoices when received
  • providing you with customer statements
  • providing you with an age analysis and unpaid invoices report

  • Know how much money you have made, who still owes you money, and for how long.


  • capturing supplier bills
  • applying payments to bills once paid
  • providing you with an age analysis and unpaid bills report

  • Know how much money you owe, who you still owe money to, and for how long it's been outstanding.

    Reconciliation of Transactional Accounts

  • bank - capturing of debtor receipts, creditor payments and operating expenses
  • petty cash
  • credit card

  • Management Accounts

    Following the recording of the daily transactions within the normal course of business, these reports would indicate the monthly profit or loss of your business, to provide you with an accurate picture of your financial health to make better business decisions.

    Income Statement
    a dashboard of all income, cost of sales and operating expenses

    Balance Sheet
    a dashboard of all assets, liabilities and the net worth of your business

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    Accounting Services

    Trial Balance & Year End Journals

    Prepared at the end of each financial year, adjustments are made to your management accounts to reconcile balance sheet items, whereby depreciation and accruals are applied.

    Annual Financial Statements

    A collaborative summary of all financial transactions is prepared and presented for approval by the business owner. Financial statements are a legal requirement for freelancers, contractors, sole proprietors and businesses in South Africa and are presented to SARS for taxation.

    Tax Preparation and Submission

    The rate of income tax payable is dependent solely on your business structure. Both provisional tax and annual income tax are based on this structure. Our team of skilled tax professionals have the know-how to ensure that your tax liability is not inflated by any means.

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