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Payroll Solutions

Complying with ever-changing SARS legislation is a fairly complex and time consuming administrative process.

Serious thought would have to be put into any number of numerous calculations relating to income, allowances, fringe benefits and the statutory deductions that come after calculating what is and isn't taxable, namely, PAYE, UIF and SDL.

As if that wasn't mind-blowing enough for you, along come SARS with their inflexible submission deadlines; The Department of Labour with its own set of submission requirements; Workmen's Compensation, and let's not forget Bargaining Council Memberships.

Payroll services we provide

  • Salary structuring
  • Electronic pay slips (customised)
  • Leave tracking & accrual
  • Reporting (customised)
  • Submission of EMP201
  • Submission of UI-19
  • Bi-Annual EMP501 reconciliations
  • Year end IRP5's
  • WCC Submission
  • Tax Directives

  • Payroll Software

    Not every small business owner has the time, the patience or the staff compliment to engage completely in learning the complexities of payroll software.

    Due to our in-depth knowledge of payroll, taxes and SARS requirements we have developed our own software, which allows us to offer highly competitive rates.

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